5 Ways To Improve Your Eyesight Naturally To Perfect Eyesight

Improve Your Eyesight Naturally To Perfect Eyesight

by Dr George on July 19, 2011

About 80% of what we experience through our senses is accessed through our vision. Good eyesight plays a crucial role in every aspect of our lives, and when it is damaged or compromised, the effect is immediate and significant.

Glasses and contact lenses, and more recently laser treatment, all have their part to play in helping us manage the limitations on our eyesight caused by factors such as ageing and eyestrain. However, it makes more sense to use the natural resources at our disposal to optimise eyesight wherever possible.

Here are five top tips to help you restore and maintain healthy eyesight:

1. Exercise sensibly.
Don’t struggle to put your eyes to the test. Instead conduct simple and gentle exercises such as shifting focus from an object in front of you to one further away, and back again. This will keep the eye muscles elastic and stop them from becoming fixed.

2. Teach your eyes to relax.
Eyes which are subject to increased strain over time deteriorate more rapidly than those allowed to function naturally and effortlessly.  There is a distinct link between mental strain and eyestrain, because the blood flow and circulation, both of which have a very direct effect on the eye, are greatly affected by stress. Therefore, if you are to release strain in the eyes, you should learn to relax your mind. When you have been struggling to see, or worrying, and instead you allow yourself to release that stress, any squint will disappear, and the errors your eye has created in order to maximise light refraction are corrected.

3. Nourish your eyes.
In addition to maintaining a healthy, relaxed blood flow by relaxing and controlling your thoughts, focusing on good nutrition can benefit your central nervous system and therefore your eyes. High blood pressure can affect the eyeball , so reducing fat will lighten the pressure on the eyes. A diet designed to restore and maintain healthy eyesight is rich in lutein and Omega 3, contains plenty of raw vegetables and fruits, in particular dark berries, and contains little or no processed food.

4. Let the sun shine
Sunlight loosens tight muscles in the eyes just as it does with the rest of the body. Of course you should not look directly at the sun, but if you lie back on a sunny day, for a short while, with your eyes closed and let the sun reach your eyelids, you will feel the benefits.

5. Take off your glasses
In non-demanding situations, let your eyes manage without your glasses, to maintain the strength in your eyes, and teach yourself that you can see without help, and without effort. The many demands of modern life can leave us feeling stressed and anxious. But, if you follow a few basic tips, you can minimise the damage this has on your eyes, and see your way to brighter, more natural eyesight.

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